Songs & Tunes from Sue & Ian Bembridge

Guitars, Mandocello, Piano Accordion, Recorders, Mandolin, Voices


2014 Dates from July

   4th July - Tour de France Main Stage, Hawes, North Yorkshire
24th August - Hertford Festival  3:30 p.m. The Woolpack
24th August - Hertford Festival  7:30 p.m. The Hertford Club
10th October - White Hart Country Inn, Hawes, North Yorkshire
28th October - White Horse Folk Club, Hertford
14th November - The Hertford Club, Hertford   

2015 Dates

8th February - Corn Exchange, Hertford (4 p.m.)

21st March - "Rock the Shamrock", Henlow Park Pavilion

7th May - Harlow Playhouse

27th October - White Horse Folk Club, Hertford

2016 Dates

3rd January - Wimpole Hall, Arrington, Cambridgeshire (2 p.m.)


"Songs with stories, meaning and enjoyment sung beautifully with superb accompaniment" - Pat Crilly, White Horse Folk Club

"We had really good feedback!" - Melvin Caton, Hertford Street Festival Co-ordinator

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